Pillar 2: Employment and economic growth

Modern airports do more than simply load people or goods on to aeroplanes - they are major centres for employment and economic activity in their own right.


Bristol Airport supports the region’s economy by creating thousands of jobs, connecting businesses to new markets and knowledge, and drawing tourists to our beautiful part of the world.

Around 7.5 million people live within a two hour drive18, along with several world-class universities; a host of major international tech, robotic/artificial intelligence, aviation and aerospace businesses; and growing nuclear, marine and agri-tech clusters.

By encouraging greater flows of trade, investment, tourists and knowledge between our region, other parts of the UK and the rest of the world, we will help even more people share in the growth, investment and opportunities these connections bring.


Progress so far

A record 7.5 million passengers in 201619 helped to deliver an estimated £1.3 billion boost to the region’s economy and support 15,000 full time equivalent jobs. This includes more than 3,00020 jobs on site, with the remainder in our supply chain resulting from our wider impact on the economy.

Business and international travellers are particularly valuable to the wider economy21. Just under 17 per cent22 of passengers flying to and from Bristol Airport are travelling on business. And more than one million journeys are made by overseas residents23, contributing millions of pounds to the local tourism industry.

Ambitions for the future

Demand is expected to increase to around 15 million passengers a year by 2036, and up to circa 20 million a decade later. Our plans will seek to develop the number and range of jobs delivered by the operational airport and associated development.

By offering more passengers greater choice from a modern, convenient and welcoming airport, we have an important part to play in delivering a prosperous future for all. Our Master Plan will support the ambitious growth being planned for in the Joint Spatial Plan and other West of England strategic documents and Local Plans.

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