As well as setting out our five pillars and how they underpin our long-term growth strategy in our previous consultation, we also described the key factors which will shape our plans, whilst recognising that some of these are outside of our direct control. We also acknowledge that over the period addressed by the Master Plan, there will continue to be significant technological, economic and social change, much of which will remain unknown for some time.  

That said, we believe it is important to introduce as much certainty into the Master Plan process as possible at the outset. That is why we’re setting out our latest thinking on the five most significant issues impacting the airport’s future: aviation, economic impact, Green Belt, sustainable growth and transportation.

To ensure we realise benefits for our passengers, communities and our stakeholder partners, we have developed a new Charter for Future Growth. We want our commitments to you to be clear and transparent, and we look forward to your views on this approach.