Fitting it all together

The plan below shows how Bristol Airport’s site will look once we have completed all the development consented by North Somerset Council in 2011. Our next Master Plan will set out our preferred strategy for the airport’s development up to 2050. We will publish a draft version in spring 2018 for further consultation. We would like your thoughts on Scenarios A, B and C. These are just three examples of how the airport could look. We will revise our proposals, taking your views into account. It should be noted that in all scenarios, an increase in runway length is not proposed.

How to read the plans

The drawings indicate possible future layouts if the airport were to meet projected future passenger demand of circa 20 million passengers per year by the mid-2040s. They assume the necessary land can be acquired beyond the current constrained site, within a supportive planning framework, and that major transport infrastructure can be delivered in tandem with airport growth. The plans are indicative only, giving a broad idea of land-use considerations. No assumptions should be made with regard to commercial viability or operational requirements.