Forecasting the future can never be 100 per cent accurate but we know we have to be ready for the decades ahead, and that flexibility will be essential. We need to adapt and deliver, and provide Bristol and the South West of England with the airport it deserves.

This poses challenges but also huge opportunities. Our pillars will guide us as we develop a Master Plan which sets out a clear vision for future development. Our new Master Plan must also take into consideration many factors which will ultimately influence the physical design:

  • We have a complex site of almost 200 hectares, used by eight million passengers a year

  • We are in the countryside, yet serve one of the UK’s largest cities

  • We rely on public roads and transport systems, and these can only be improved through partnerships with the public and private sectors

  • We are closely connected to the local community and their interests, by providing jobs and as a neighbour.

There are also several key issues outside our direct control and others which are likely to be influenced by unforeseen technological, economic or social change. All this must be taken into account. On this page, we take a look at ten factors that will have a direct bearing on the look and feel of the airport. Currently, there is a degree of uncertainty about each, but they will help determine the airport’s layout and how it functions.